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What’s Automa?

It’s a free software that installs on your browser, allowing you to automate all your repetitive or low value-added tasks on the web!

Why automate?

Save time

Automating your repetitive tasks allows you to focus on tasks with higher added value.

Save Money

By automating your tasks, you reduce costs associated with manual tasks and can increase your productivity.

Facilitate Your Work

Automa is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows you to perform complex tasks with just a few clicks.

Improve Your Quality of Life

By automating tasks that take up your time and energy, you can dedicate more to your hobbies, your family, or other activities close to your heart.

Achieve Faster Results

Automation allows for quicker results, which can have a positive impact on your business.

Be More Efficient

By automating your tasks, you can accomplish more in less time, thus improving your efficiency.

Training Plan

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

Create your own templates

Create your own extensions for Google Chrome

Monetize your templates

The Methodology

Before you start creating a Template, I’ll explain how to “prepare” it by creating a simple diagram that will serve as a support.

You can use any software that allows you to create simple drawings: Word, Open Office, Google Doc, etc.

The Dashboard

We’ll explore the Automa Dashboard together to familiarize you with each part of the plugin.

I will then introduce you to the different types of data you can use to make your templates dynamic.

The Blocks

Automa offers dozens of blocks to create your templates through different interactions with a web page.

I will explain each one to understand their use and how to best exploit them in your templates.

HTML, CSS, XPATH: The basics

A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and/or XPath is essential for creating automation scenarios.

I’ll teach you the basics with concrete examples you can test yourself.

CSS/XPATH Selectors

The CSS selector and the XPath selector are two different ways to select and manipulate elements on a web page.

I will explain what they are and how to use them concretely with Automa.


Take full control of your browser and increase efficiency in your templates!

Learn to create, manage, and manipulate tabs and windows to optimize navigation and boost your productivity.

Manage Data

Master the creation, modification, and manipulation of variables and data in the Automa table.

Learn to increment, transform, order, and more.

Export Data

Learn how to export your Template data in various formats: CSV, text, JSON, or Google Sheet.

Download & Upload Files

Uncover the secrets of downloading and uploading for your Automa Templates.

Master the exchange of documents, images, videos, and audio on the web.

Take Screenshots

Master screenshots on Google Chrome and Firefox, with various options and the ability to download images.

Learn to target specific elements, choose the file format, and much more.

Manage Cookies

Master your cookies by learning to retrieve, create, and delete them as needed.

Ideal for avoiding tracking! Improve your privacy and browsing.

Manage Popups

Learn to accept or reject dialogs initiated by JavaScript.

Master the “Handle Dialog” block to anticipate popups and improve your browsing experience.

The Packages

Transform repetitive action sequences into customized blocks, easy to duplicate and evolve synchronously.

Packages simplify the management of action sequences, enabling multiple blocks to be grouped together and action sequences to be standardized in a single operation.

Expressions & Variables

Expressions allow you to further automate your tasks by using dynamic data in your templates.

I will explain step by step how to use them and what the benefits are depending on the situation.

Advanced CSS Techniques

When a CSS ID or class isn’t enough to correctly target an element or perform the desired action, certain techniques and tricks can help you find the best solution.

Coding in JavaScript

Although Automa is a “no-code” or “low-code” tool, you can use the full power of JavaScript in your Templates to perform all sorts of actions.

You can mix pure JavaScript and Automa’s native functions.

Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to set breakpoints at each step of your Template.

This helps you better understand how your Template works and detect potential errors more quickly.

Export and Share

You can easily export and import templates in Automa.

You can also share your templates with the Automa community, more or less locked depending on the rights you want to grant users.

Create Google Chrome ExtensionS

You can turn your templates into standalone extensions for Google Chrome.

You can then share your creations with other users without them needing to know Automa.


I will reveal several tricks to save a lot of time when creating and optimizing your templates: different settings, automatic reorganization, simulating human behavior, Automa-specific CSS, etc.

The First Template

I will teach you how to create your first template in just a few minutes!

> In Automatic mode: Using the recorder, like a camera recording each click, each action on a page.

> In Manual mode: Add and configure each block yourself.


Loops are essential for creating task repetitions.

I will show you the different ways to create loops, from the simplest to the most complex.

Use Google Sheet

Discover the power of Google Sheets for your Automa Templates.

Using Google Sheets is the most convenient method to automate your tasks from data you enter yourself.

Use APIs

Discover how to use any API with the “HTTP Request” block.

I will show you step by step how to connect and use an API with any Template, and if necessary, create a custom block that you can reuse in all your Templates.

Use Proxys

Learn how to integrate proxies into your templates simply, with different modes: random, rotating, etc.

Avoid IP blocks by intelligently using proxies in your Templates.

Automa Without Active Browser

Learn to use Automa invisibly for your browsing by exploiting the “HTTP Request” block.

Scrape without disturbing your web activity and manipulate responses, form data, and expressions in the body of requests.

Schedule Your Template Execution

I will explain all the methods to schedule your Templates in advance, and there are many! And sometimes… unexpected but extremely useful!

Thanks to this, your Templates will launch on their own.

Use PHP with Automa

I teach you how to use a server language like PHP in symbiosis with Automa.

I use two examples to show the possible interactions: PHP to Automa, and Automa to PHP, all passing useful data from one to the other.

Automa 24/7 on a VPS Server

I will explain step by step how to set up a VPS server to run Automa on it, 24/7, all for less than €13/month.

With this method, you no longer need to leave your computer on to run Automa!

Expired Domains

Discover my methodology for finding and exploiting the best expired domain names at the best price.

I’ll share all my tips and resources to save you precious time (and money!).

automated news websites

I give you my complete methodology for creating 100% automated news sites, running 24/7 with no human intervention.

A potential new source of passive income!

Scrape any Website

I’m creating a step-by-step workflow for scrapping any type of website, taking a typical Dropshipping example: scrapping an e-commerce site based on Shopify.


Bonus #1: Free Templates

Each Template dissected throughout the training is offered to you!

Automated creation of unlimited custom WordPress websites

Automation of ChatGPT / GPT-4 / DALL-E 3

WordPress Internal Linking Automation

Videos scraping on TikTok

Product scraping on Amazon

Companies scraping on Google Maps

Emails Scraping from Websites

Mass translations with DeepL

Automated metric retrieval on SEMRush/Ahrefs

… and many more!

Bonus #2: Monetize Your Templates

I explain the methods to monetize your templates, because beyond automating your own tasks, nothing prevents you from creating templates for others! Several forms of monetization are possible:

Direct monetization: sell your templates or get paid to create them

Indirect monetization: earn money or save time

Bonus #3: €99 of AI Content Offered

You benefit from a one-month “Gen Pro” subscription on the Simple Gen platform to create texts, images, virtual assistants, and audio transcriptions thanks to GPT-4:

150,000 words

1,000 documents

250 images

50+ models and 20+ languages

Data export + API

Bonus #4: Regular Lives

Each live session is an opportunity to interact with you, but also sometimes to discover, dissect, and offer you a new template.

You can indeed ask questions and receive live advice. You can benefit from my knowledge and experience to progress. The live sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn and improve, while interacting with other members of the training.

Bonus #5: An Exclusive Community

By joining our exclusive community on Discord, members will have the opportunity to help each other, ask questions, share information, and get answers from other members of the training.

Our community is reserved for members of our training, ensuring a safe and positive environment to share ideas and advice.

Templates Available Now

Value of the offered templates: €1000+ !

WordPress Cloning

Automatically create unlimited custom WordPress sites from a simple Google Sheet.

From adding the domain to a cPanel to creating custom scenarios, this is a weapon of mass creation not to be put in every hand…!


Automate requests sent to ChatGPT to create texts, images, analyze documents, etc. from requests formulated in a Google Sheet, in “Scraping” mode (free account or ChatGPT Plus) or in “API” mode.


Automate the creation of bulk images with Open AI’s tool from a simple Google Sheet.

Google Bard

From a simple Google Sheet, create thousands of texts automatically with Bard, Google’s ChatGPT.


Download all TikTok videos (without watermark) associated with keywords or users entered in a Google Sheet.


Download all Amazon product sheets associated with keywords entered in a Google Sheet, with different options.

Google Maps

Retrieve hundreds of company details in just a few minutes, using keywords entered in a Google Sheet: postal address, telephone number, website, email address, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, etc.

WordPress Internal Linking

Automate the internal linking of your WordPress sites based on the Google SERP, because who better than Google itself to tell us how to do it?


Retrieve hundreds of company email addresses from websites entered in a Google Sheet, even if the emails are encoded or hidden as images.

WordPress Rewrite

Automate the rewriting of all the posts on all your WordPress sites with ChatGPT/GPT4, in any language, from a simple Google Sheet.

SEMRush / Ahrefs Keywords

Download all SEMRush/Ahrefs keywords related to websites or search terms entered in a Google Sheet.

Google Indexing

From a simple Google Sheet, check the indexing of your pages for free, and automatically submit non-indexed URLs to IndexMeNow.


Automatically and freely translate hundreds of texts using DeepL, all from a simple Google Sheet.

3 mini Scraping Templates

Scrape Google, email addresses and qualify expired domain names.

SEO Scraper

Create your own automated SEO scraper, tailored to your needs.

SEMRush / Ahrefs Data

Automatically retrieve the data for all the keywords listed in a Google Sheet.

Templates coming soon

it’s up to you to decide!

Suggest template ideas that I will create for you, and which will be the subject of a “dissection” video and a free download.

Who Am I?

I’m Mikael Buxton, I’ve been a website publisher since 1996, and I specialized in SEO in the early 2000s. Among the sites I’ve created are, created in 2005 and sold in 2018, with over a million visitors a month at its peak.

I ran the SEO department of a web agency for 11 years, after which I launched a freelance business offering website creation, redesign and optimization services to companies and freelancers.

I specialized in automation in 2021, training myself in various scaling techniques – among other methodologies – through experts such as Romain Pirotte, Asynchr0ne, Jérome Pasquelin, David BlackHat, etc…


A few random comments about the course from french members, as the Automa Training Course was first released in French


What exactly is “Automa”?

What is the difficulty level of the training?

Can I access the training at any time?

What are the benefits of taking this training?

What is automation and why is it important?

Is the training updated regularly?

If I want to change Pack, what is the price?

What are the benefits of task automation for marketers?

What are the benefits of task automation for developers?

What are the benefits of task automation for SEO specialists?

What are the benefits of task automation for data analysts?

What are the benefits of task automation for website designers?

Still have doubts? Let me reassure you:

“I don’t have time to learn a new skill like automation”

“I’m not tech-savvy enough to use a tool like Automa”

“I don’t think automation is beneficial for my specific tasks or my industry”

“I can’t afford to invest in a training program right now”

“I already use other tools for automation, so I don’t need another one”

“I prefer to perform tasks manually because it gives me more control”

“I don’t trust automation to perform tasks accurately”

“I’m not convinced that automation will really save me time and improve my productivity”

“I’m afraid of making mistakes using automation tools and doing more harm than good.”

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